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Flat fee trademark search and application services focuses on providing expert legal services at reasonable rates.

Conduct thorough and comprehensive searches of the USPTO database to determine the availability and registrability of marks in the United States and notify you of potential barriers to registration based on prior filed applications or registered marks.

Determine what type of application the client wishes to file:

    • If the client is currently using the mark in commerce, will file an application under 1(a)
      [Application based on use in commerce]
    • If the client intends to use the mark, but is, for example, still in the research and development phase, will file the application under 1(b)
      [Application based on intent to use]

Respond to Office Actions and objections and prepare comprehensive and persuasive responses to overcome refusals to register and resolve minor issues with the USPTO

Timely file statement of use for applications file under 1(b)
[Application based on intent to use

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