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Protect clients’ trademark against threats by third-parties, counsel clients regarding potential infringement, and prevent infringing activities from occurring

Prevent third-party activity that may damage the goodwill a trademark owner has created

Issuing Cease and Desist Letters:

    • Consult and counsel clients regarding potential infringement, and help to identify potential infringers
    • Prepare detailed cease and desist letters notifying potential infringers that they are infringing 

Defend Clients’ Trademark Rights: 

    • considerable experience responding to cease and desist letters and reaching favorable resolutions for the client 
    • goal is to amicably resolve any issues and save the client the expense of litigation 

Settlement Negotiations:

    • In order to prevent and stop infringement by third-parties it may be necessary to agree on settlement terms and put those in writing

Filing Infringement Notices through online marketplaces:

    • Infringement can often occur by third-party sellers on sites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc., and before sending a direct cease and desist letter it may be best to first file a notice of infringement through one of the respective online marketplace sites, as these sites can often quickly resolve any infringement issues
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