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Flat fee trademark search and application services focuses on providing expert legal services at reasonable rates.

Protect clients’ trademark against threats by third-parties, counsel clients regarding potential infringement, and prevent infringing activities from occurring.

Use industry-leading software to ensure that all post-registration maintenance forms are timely filed, and that all information is kept current on all registrations.

File applications for new marks or expanded or modified use of existing marks, ensure marks are properly used in commerce and that trademark registrations are maintained.

Draft and negotiate trademark licenses/agreements so that the client can expand the use and public recognition of their trademark(s) while generating income.

Draft trademark assignment to ensure proper transfer of trademark ownership and file and record the assignment with the USPTO.

Represent clients in Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) proceedings to recover domain names under the Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act.

Help business owners combat infringement on Amazon by filing Amazon infringement notices and ensure Amazon removes infringing listings by third party sellers.

Protect your trademark

Flat Fee Trademark Registration Package

Federal Trademark Search using specialized trademark software

Preparing and Filing Trademark Application

Common Law Trademark Search

Opinion on Potential Risks

All Calls and Emails with Attorney both before and after filing of trademark application

Monitoring of Trademark registration through its lifetime (all notifications of maintenance and renewals)

All responses to minor Office Actions

*Note: does not include USPTO government filing fees


Zoe Bernstein is the founder of Zoe Bernstein Law PLLC and focuses her practice on counseling business owners on selecting, building, protecting, enforcing, and monetizing theirs brands and trademark portfolios.

Zoe understands the critical value of clients’ intellectual property rights, and will work with you to strategically develop and maintain your valuable trademark assets through trademark registrations.

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What others are saying


Morice M.
Morice M.
Read More
Zoe Bernstein is AWESOME! She was very effective in educating me on the trademark registration process.

She's very prompt in responding to my questions and/or concerns. She's very attentive toward my needs. I definitely recommend working with Zoe Bernstein!
Candace M.
Candace M.
Read More
Zoe filed my Trademark with lighting speed! Friendly, helpful and so knowledgeable.

She explained the Trademarking process in ways that were extremely easy for me to understand.

I look forward to working with her for more of my legal business needs!
Heather C.
Heather C.
Read More
When I needed to hire a lawyer for business trademarks without having a personal recommendation I came across Zoe Bernstein.

I am so glad I did- she is professional, reliable, easy to work with and takes care of anything I need in that field.

I would recommend her to anyone looking!! She is knowledgeable on classifications and all that stuff which was great when guiding me on which I needed!
Jonathan K.
Jonathan K.
Read More
I've recently began blogging around the subject of Bitcoin and wanted to file a Trademark to protect my creative brand.

Zoe was extremely helpful in guiding me through the process. I've never filed a Trademark before and I feel very confident having her expertise to make sure I do this correctly the first time!

Protecting your name and likeness is very important when starting a brand and I'd recommend Zoe's services to anyone looking to do so. 5/5
Nandi A.
Nandi A.
Read More
Zoe is absolutely amazing. I had a bad experience at another company/firm and was in desperate need of an attorney who was knowledgeable, professional and patient. I found all of that and more in Zoe.

She brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She is very patient and will take the time to answer your question(s) and ensure understanding before moving forward.She is very thorough and is excellent at communicating every action step.

Zoe has been an absolute life saver. I have no doubts that I will be using her for all of my Trademark related matters for years to come. I would also recommend her to anyone I know who is seeking a Trademark attorney. She is by far the best.
Allison S.
Allison S.
Read More
I recently hired Mrs. Bernstein to assist me in filing for a word mark and a logo mark.

She explained the entire process thoroughly, and was patient and very knowledgeable.

She was always available to answer any questions I had.

She was extremely professional, and a real pleasure to deal with. Will definitely use Mrs. Bernstein again for all future trademark needs!
Anthony Joseph H.
Anthony Joseph H.
Read More
Jewel of the Universe!

When I searched for a Lawyer to handle the most important task of my human life, Trademarking my Living Brand, I needed to know that I had the right human. And I took one look at Zoe Bernstein's smile and said "Now that's a GOOD Human!"

And when I first spoke with her in person on a Zoom call, within the first ten seconds I said to myself "I knew this was a good human but now she is blowing my mind on how honest and smart she really is". So there is so much more professional beauty behind that smile. I would place my life in her hands.
Amanda M.
Amanda M.
Read More
Zoe is on top of it! Quick replies. Clear communication. Punctual. Knowledgeable.

An absolute subject matter expert. She is honest and clear about her policies and the process.

I am truly happy I found her to assist me with my Trademark. Highly recommend this wonderful lady!
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